Complete the notes by filling in ( 1 ) to ( 6 ).

問1 Complete the notes by filling in ( 1 ) to ( 3 ). (You may use an option only once.)

① The characteristics of pepper as a spice

② The effects of pepper on health

③ The place of origin of black and white pepper

④ The production of black and white pepper

問2 Among the following, the common points and differences described in the article are ( 4 ) and ( 5 ), respectively. (You may choose more than one option for each box.)

① the amount of vitamin C

② the effect on illnesses

③ the flavor

④ the plant

⑤ the price

⑥ the removal of the skin

問3 This article mainly discusses ( 6 ).

① the advantages and disadvantages of using black and white pepper compared to other spices

② the reason why people started to make black and white pepper, and why they have lost popularity

③ the reason why white pepper is better than black pepper, and why it is better for us

④ the similarities and differences between white and black pepper, and also the health benefits of both


問1 1 ④ 2 ① 3 ②

問2 1 ②④ 2 ③⑤⑥


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