■3.to-動詞③ 目的などを表す(1)

I got up early to catch the first train.


I got up early   to catch the first train.

私は早く起きた         始発列車に乗るために

POINT to~は目的のほかに,結果や判断の根拠,感情の原因,条件を表したり,形容詞を修飾します。柔軟に意味をとっていきましょう。     

注意 to~が結果を表すときには,意味をとりにくいことがあります。

He turned around   to see the moon sinking.

 彼は振り向いた            (そして)月が沈みかけているのを見た



He studied hard to become a doctor. 

He grew up to become a doctor.

He is clever enough to become a doctor. 

She was very sad to lose her only son.   

To hear her speak, you would take1 her for a young girl.

Old people are slow to accept new technology.   

This e-mail was sent to let2 everyone know what's going on.

1take A for B:AをBと思う ※2let A~:Aに~させる

He studied hard     to become a doctor.

彼はいっしょうけんめい勉強した    医者になるために


He grew up   to become a doctor.

彼は成長した          (そして)医者になった


He is clever enough   to become a doctor.

彼はたいへんかしこい                医者になるなんて


She was very sad   to lose her only son.

彼女はとても悲しんだ          一人息子を失って


To hear her speak,  you would take  her for a young girl.

彼女が話すのを聞けば          あなたは思うだろう     彼女を小さな女の子(と)



Old people are slow   to accept new technology.

老人は遅い                       新しいテクノロジーを受け入れるのが


This e-mail was sent   to let everyone know   what's going on. 

このEメールは送られた             みなに知らせるために           何が起きているか(を)


What are the raw materials used to make paper?     

Carbon1 reacts with oxygen2to form carbon dioxide3.

I was thoughtless to think that only one answer exists.

She is foolish to spend so much money on a trivial4 thing like that.   

My father was glad to receive a letter from you.       

Some words are hard to define5 because they have many different uses.

My aunt is very difficult to get along with.     

Some Japanese don't feel that chopsticks6are easy to pick up food with7.

1炭素 ※2酸素 ※3二酸化炭素 ※4つまらない ※5定義する ※6箸(はし) ※7pick up~with:~をつかむ

What are the raw materials  used to make paper?

何が原材料ですか?                      紙をつくるために使われる


Carbon reacts with oxygen   to form carbon dioxide.

炭素は酸素と反応する                     そして二酸化炭素をつくる


I was thoughtless   to think   that only one answer exists.

私は浅はかだった         ~と考えるなんて   たった1つの答えだけが存在する(と)


She is foolish   to spend so much money   on a trivial thing like that.

    彼女は愚かだ               そんなにお金を使うなんて                 あんなつまらないことに


My father was glad   to receive a letter   from you.

私の父は喜んだ                  手紙を受け取って            あなたから


Some words are hard   to define   because they have many different uses.

いくらかの単語は難しい            定義するのが      なぜならそれらは多くの異なる用法を持つ(ので)


My aunt is very difficult   to get along with.

私のおばは難しい                       付き合うのが


Some Japanese don't feel   that chopsticks are easy   to pick up food with.

日本人の中には感じていない人もいる        箸がかんたんだ(とは)                  食べ物をつかむのに



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